Aiming to be hub and number one of auction business in Japan.

The auction business is another pillar that promotes reuse as well as purchase business. Registered customers have been increasing since B to B auction "STAR BUYERS AUCTION" started as "Tokyo Star Auction" in 2013. Now, it is becoming popular amongst the buyers all around the world. With the biggest purchase stocks, we aim to emerge like a hub in the reuse industry with the largest product lineup and high quality goods.

Auction Features

  1. We ensure quality and the quantity

    Our products are auctioned only after a strict selection process from more than 40 brand purchase stores spreading all over Japan, the “Nanboya” and “BRAND CONCIER”. Number of our listed goods for watches, high jewelry, brand bags and apparel items reaches as high as 20,000 for one auction, and this means a stable supply of our goods to our precious buyers. Also, we are very committed to offer high-quality products and “Fresh arrivals” that are not yet available in the market.

  2. With an all comprehensive inspection and repair system

    Each item to be sent to the auction is carefully and thoroughly checked at our purchase stores and before auction exhibition. Not only we confirm the genuineness of our items, but also we place a great value over maintenance and cleaning of all our items such as Bag and watch. That is how we make sure that all the auctioned items can be sold by buyers immediately.

  3. A supportive environment for your smooth transaction

    STAR BUYERS AUCTION has a preliminary inspection period for participating buyers to check the items in advance.This way, our buyers can consider the bidding price of the item in advance. Also, we organize our auctions in such an auction hall that it serves perfect environment for expensive items and we organize our auctions with Chinese, English and Korean language support, to make it a smooth auction for our precious buyers.

  1. Over 20,000 brand-name products

    With watches and brand bags as the main items, over 20,000 pieces of brand jewelry and other items are displayed at any time. Each auction genre has its own schedule, so you can purchase products efficiently.

  2. Full care by watch repair technicians

    We exhibit after careful check by experienced engineers. Also, we have a dedicated watch engineer for this auction, so you can participate with peace of mind.

  3. Staff support in local languages

    Our staff will support you in English, Chinese and other languages at this auction.

  4. Preliminary inspection and bidding

    You can easily participate anywhere with a computer or smartphone.

  5. Wide range of product lineups

    High quality products purchased in Japan are displayed and we have a complete product lineup.

  6. NO, IT'S A FAKE!

    We strictly select products with our original counterfeit technology and list them.

Flowchart of Account Opening

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